CKU has officially started preservation of Chinese native breeds since October, 2016. The scheme has since covered activities including conference being held in a number of Chinese provinces where topics regarding historical development of native breeds and establishment of breed standard, have been discussed with dog lovers. In addition, promotion of a more scientific breeding record as adopted by FCI and promotion of dog shows are also in progress.

The following breeds are those that have been widely promoted to registration and participation in dog shows - Xian Hound, Chongqing Dog, Chuandong Hound, Laizhou Hong Dog

CKU is still dedicated to protect the precious native breed and ensure the breeding process is done scientifically. The plan and agenda for the 2018 shows have already been released on the official website of CKU.

Until now CKU has not been involved in any collaboration with ANY clubs. Any registration and shows are all uniformly held by CKU, which are open to dog lovers. CKU preserves the right to pursue legal actions against any clubs that unilaterally claim to have cooperative agreement with CKU.

In order to cope with increasing demand of registration from Chinese dog lovers living abroad, CKU will speed up the opening of overseas registration of Chinese native breed.

CKU China Native Breed Conservation Club

9th February, 2018